Where Should We Invade Next?

I saw Michael Moore’s movie, Where to Invade Next, over the weekend.   As always, Moore makes his point loud and clear that America has lost its way.

Look at Italy, they have weeks actually months of annual vacation and everyone is happy and healthy.  France, have you seen the amazing meals that the kids eat in elementary school.  They have an entire hour where they sit down, are served on china, share, talk and drink water not Coke and is it less expensive per child than the US.  Sexual education is also honest, open and healthy.  Look at Slovenia, free college for all!  Tunisia hails equality between men and women after the people shut down the Government and forced change.  Women also have access to free contraception and abortions.  Portugal has legalized all drugs.  Norway has open jails and the guards don’t even carry guns.  Let’s not forget Iceland.  The men who ran the banks in Iceland decided that they were going to run the country like a hedge fund and ran it into the ground over night.  All of those bankers went to jail.  Although there was only one bank that did not go under.  That was the one run by women.  They did not invest in things that they did not believe in.  Obviously smarter than everyone else.

Here is the kicker.  Everyone of those countries learned those lessons from us.  They didn’t come up with these things themselves.  So what happened to us?  Why are we tossing people into jail without a plan for returning healthy to society, why are we feeding disgusting over priced food to our kids for lunch, why are we cracking down on drugs when if you change the rules it changes everything, why are we not giving open free advice around contraception, sex education and abortion instead of pretending sex doesn’t exist and why did not every single banker that created the mortgage mess go to jail?

Of course Moore does not show all the downsides of each of these countries like their economies but what he does show is the social responsible side which is the heart of making people happy.  Happy people create happy environments, live longer, are healthier and are more productive.

The one thing that really sang out was how women on that side of the globe run the world.  There is a reason the social piece of society is more embracive and open.  The women CEO’s in Iceland are impressive.  The first democracy to elect a woman as President was Iceland.  Young women in this country haven’t experienced many of the issues people my age have in regards to discrimination, harassment, the rungless ladder at one point of corporate America and more.  Perhaps that is why the millennials aren’t getting behind Hillary in force.  They feel like the system is rigged and so does Bernie.

The movie is definitely leaning far left but it is worth seeing.  Makes you wonder about a lot about our policies and how and why we got to this place.