Dads who stay home

imgres-1There was a great article in the NYX about two Brooklyn men who stayed home to raise their kids. One of their wives were concerned about her husband being lonely.  How many other men were home raising their kids?  Ends up there was another guy in the neighborhood.

These two guys bonded just like the Mom’s who stay home.  They did playdates, they went places with the kids, they were playing the role that more women play than  men.  Fast forward, the kids are getting ready to enter pre-school so where does that leave the two Dads?  They are feeling unsure of their days.

So many Mom’s go back to work but their priorities have changed so work life will have to change too.  Life is scary.

What I loved about this article is what one of the men said about his feelings around work after being an at home Dad.  He said he couldn’t go back to some 9-5 job with two weeks vacation.  It doesn’t fit into what he has established or how he wants to live his life.  He is going to have to find something that he wants to do that fits into the way it will work for the family.

Perhaps an at-home Dad becomes entrepreneur in the making?