books1I moved to a Kindle a few years back for a variety of reasons.  The first was travel.  I started using a Kindle instead of shlepping a bunch of books to save my shoulder.  I found that I read quicker on a Kindle.  I also discovered that I bought more books because it was so simple and would happily stop reading one quicker if it did not draw me in.  I do that with physical books too but more with the Kindle.

When we moved apartments I gave away about 13 boxes of gifts to a school.  I kept the ones that I cherished or the ones where I had a collection because I just did not have the physical space to keep all those books.  Instead of (essentially) collecting books,  I now collect books of exhibits that we have gone to.  I read a lot of books so the exhibit/art books don’t accumulate as quickly.

What I love about bookshelves is that they give anyone walking into that room an insight into the people who live there.  People will come in and see a book and then comment about it because they read it and a conversation will begin.  I love those conversations. You also get to visit your books daily.  That is the beauty of a bookshelves.  Memories of the book, of where you were when you read that book, or the exhibit you saw that you can now go back to by paging through the book.  With a Kindle nobody knows what you are reading or what you have read to strike up that conversation.

I look at the bookshelves in our den and I get to visit them everyday that I am there.  They are a part of my past.  Bookshelves full of read books are becoming a thing of the past.  I have not put a read book on those shelves for years.  I have only added books from exhibits or large books from an artist or fashion designer or architect.  I read my parents bookshelves at one point in my life.  Our kids have read plenty of books from our shelves but the rest are now shared through our Kindle account.  It is a very different experience from tilting your head sideways, touching the bindings of the book, thinking about that story or wondering what is inside that book.

My bookshelves are memories from the past, almost stuck in time.  Technology has changed the world in mysterious ways.