Pasquale Jones and Contra

Making the rounds this week on some new restaurants, both Pasquale Jones and Contra

Pasquale Jones is the sister to Charlie Bird.  Always been a fan of Charlie Bird.  Simple well thought out menu that you could almost eat nightly.  Pasquale Jones is a bit hipper but has the same thought out menu.  Big wood-fire place, large bar and well positioned on the corner of Mulberry and Kenmare with large windows.

ricottaHighlights was the warm whipped ricotta with black pepper and honey with light crispy chips. All the starters were good and shareable.

pizzaWe went with the classic pizza.

pastaPasta was delicious.  Fava beans, proscuitto and parm.  Very much of the season.

dessertOne dessert a night.  Tonight was roasted rhubarb, pistachios, honey and gelato.

contraContra is a completely different experience.  The restaurant has been on all the top lists and being praised at every turn.  Bare bones restaurant and a simple prix fixe menu.   I kind of love the elegance of the food with the rocking music playlist lighting up the place.

start contraFirst comes out a little taste from the chef.  This was incredible.  Different textures, flavors, sweet, savory, tart, cold, hot, etc.  A cheese cracker with a spot of creme fraiche, nori and roe.  Wow.

asparagusThe menu is what it is that day.  The descriptions of what you are about to eat are vague.  For instance this was asparagus, crab, celery.  It was white asparagus with a crab salad over it sitting in a celery soup.  Really interesting.

breadMake sure to order one bread for two people.

chickenThe chicken, horseradish and feta had mushrooms too.  Roasted chicken breast with a whipped horseradish with shaved feta and roasted mushrooms.   We also had a scallop, nasturtium, leche de tigre in one dish and hake, fennel and matcha in another.

strawberryThe desserts were amazing.  Milk ice cream and strawberries.  The other one was banana, rye and raspberry.

Both fun evenings.  Totally different but both very NY.