Being vulnerable

images-2Women are praised when they do a good job from the time they are young.  We are the harshest judges of our own abilities.  As young women we take on challenges and like everyone sometimes we succeed at them and other times we don’t.  When we don’t we take that as a sign that perhaps that isn’t our thing.  Whereas young men take not succeeding as a challenge to get it right.

Women are building new companies daily.  Watching them start with an idea and then grow that company into something bigger over time is very similar to watching a young girl master a challenge.  We work at mastering the goals and at the same time being very methodical in the approach.  At one point when women start to build a company that is hitting it out of the ball park their attitudes change because internally they know they own it, they are hitting the high notes and they are top of their game.

Men are quite the opposite.  They are not about self-control.  They continue to move forward and believe that eventually they will figure it out and master whatever they need to master.  They never believe that maybe that they could be out of their league.

Perfect example of women not believing in themselves is the small percentage of women that apply to analyst positions in the investment world.  Why?  They don’t think they would get the job because perhaps they don’t see themselves as qualified.  Guess what, not only are they qualified but they are no less qualified then all the men that believe that they should and will get that job. It is purely a mindset.

Women need to be women.  Authentic in who they are as they build their businesses.  Being vulnerable is ok.  Being able to fake it as you make it is even better.  Men do it daily.  Perhaps it comes from the very early years on how we are all raised and praised.  Bottom line is women need to be confident that they will learn as they move forward and get better as they move forward and it doesn’t have to be perfect from day one.  Be confident that we can tackle anything and be ourselves at the same time is a lesson that we should be teaching our daughters from early on.  It will make a big difference as they move forward.  Let’s give that confidence card to the next generation of women by showing them the strength of our own successes and failures.