We have been spending a fair amount of time in Clinton Hill.  Our kids live there and we are working on a real estate project.  We usually stop by on Friday afternoon and find a lunch spot before heading out to the beach.   Fred is always on the look out for the best tacos.  Checking Foursquare he found Chilo’s with a rating of over 9 points.  Not surprising all of our kids have been there and had commented on Foursquare about how good Chilo’s is.  The tacos are excellent.

truckChilo’s is essentially a bar inside and a taco truck outside.  We took a seat outside at the picnic tables and had a few tacos before we hit the road.

salsaA nice array of condiments available.

shrimpShrimp tacos with a spicy pineapple sauce.  No need for any sauce here.

fishcarnitaFish taco and carnitas taco.  Both exceptional as well.

Will most likely be stopping there again and again and again.