The Creator Class

Joanne Wilson: The Magic of Dreaming Big from 99U on Vimeo.

I was at an event and the CMO of Samsung made a toast to the Creator Class.  It really stuck with me.  Creators are defined as people who bring things into existence.  The past decade we have had an explosion of creators.  Many of these people are founders of their own companies while others have taken the road of writing books, creating art, building products,  whipping up food products and more.

People who are still in their teens and younger than that have access to tools that will spur generations of creators.  A kid can build an app and put it in the Apple store on the off the shelf products available.  They can shoot a video and put it up on YouTube.  They can come up with an idea, make a video, post is on Kickstarter, get funded and execute on their idea.  It is easier to execute on an idea sitting in your den with a group of friends than ever before.  It is works great.  If it doesn’t who cares because it was fun creating and learning in the process.

The Creator Class will get bigger and bigger over the next decade.  You can be a creator while still having a day job with ease.  That is different than it was 20 years ago when there was more of a clear cut line between people who created and those who didn’t.  Now we can all be creators.  We all take photos from our phone every day and that alone is a creation.

I went back and listened to the talk I gave at the 99u conference two years ago.  I posted it then but thought I’d post it again because it speaks to the creator in all of us.