What’s it all about?

imgresEvery day we are bombarded with news.  It is a bit overwhelming.  I can’t help wonder about the angles the media takes vs the reality of what is happening.  Reading the paper every morning. which I still do cover to cover even though I already caught a huge piece of it the day before on my twitter feed, is utterly upsetting, depressing and leaves me sapped of optimism.

The anger, the bigots, the hatred, the fear of change, the immigrants in our country who have lived here for 20 years being deported, the immigrants around the globe who are just trying to find a safe place for their families, domestic terrorism, foreign terrorism, the deep divide between the haves and have-nots, the change of everything through technology, the seemingly desire of an older generation to hold on to something they believed was better, our connection to a global world.  Certainly all the advertising being pushed in our face tells us what we should be believing in or not believing in with zero backbone of educating the public.

I could continue on this thread but all of it has to do with what is happening around the world and certainly what is happening within our country.  Government hasn’t moved forward at the pace of the rest of the world and we are seeing the power-mongers hold on to something that is just creating more anger.  When will it end?

I don’t want to be political on this thread.  The anger across the globe is clear.  Then on the other hand I see amazing people and companies that are part of a super bright future.  I am just thinking about these issues because they are important to look at what is happening globally and at home and wonder has it always been like this or is it we just know more and see more daily on our twitter feed?