Sports vs ?

imgres-1Now more than ever women are finally making their way into the board room, building successful companies, finding shared equality at the C-level and are having their voices heard for change.  It is a positive change across all dimensions of our work life and our home life.

I have found myself countless times in a room of men or at a dinner table with men who come from all walks of life.  Students, investors, entrepreneurs, producers and more who each come from different socioeconomic backgrounds with different personal goals and interests.  There is one common denominator that men have (not all men but my guess is 90% of men) it is sports.

Men who literally have no common interests and have never met before can somehow start a conversation connector with sports.  It is fascinating.  A group of guys who really don’t know each other can go out for a meal or meet at an event and begin talking about sports and all of sudden there is a common connection that changes the game.  I have witnessed this time and time again.

What is the common conversation denominator for women?  I can toss out a variety of topics from motherhood to books to fashion to politics to exercise but 90% of all women are not interested in those topics.  There are pockets of women who can connect on these different topics and generally nobody starts off the conversation with “how about the new look for fall” vs “how about those trades the Knicks just made”.  The Knicks toss out into a room of men generally starts up the conversation.

Perhaps men find comfort in the simplicity of talking sports where as women have to work harder to find that common connection. Sports is not only a common denominator it equalizes the playing field and creates a connection in this strange way.  I sometimes wish that women had something like sports to talk about.