We all matter

IMG_4383Watching what has unfolded over the past week while sitting out east takes me back to Hurricane Katrina when we watched what happened in the stadium and throughout New Orleans.  It was horrific and my guess is that there was more victims that we did not hear about because nobody recorded it.  We felt helpless and horrible.

Our daughter walked from Central Park to Union Square last night in one of the many protests that people came together for across the country.  We need to see more of this where we hear the peoples anger and their voices say enough is enough.

This past week was so upsetting, horrible and incredulous.  This is a time bomb ticking and it has been ticking for way too long.  We are seeing sparks set off but I fear something else will come of this unfounded killings.

I certainly don’t know the answer but we all live in this country, regardless of race and religion, and should acknowledge and respect each others rights based on the laws set forth in this nation.  We all matter.