It is all about voting for the future

imgresFor the first time ever I watched the majority of speeches at the Democratic Convention.   There have been times over the course of my life that being a Democrat felt like I was rooting for a sports team that always stumbles.  It is insanely frustrating.  They know the plays but someone they can’t get it together.

What struck me about the convention was how well executed it was.  You knew where they all stood after the last speech was heard.  They are about embracing all walks of life and more important they are the party for the future. We heard about children and families over and over again.  Our children are our future and we should vote with them in mind.

Tom Friedman wrote an editorial that summed it up for me, Web People vs Wall People.  The wall people are people who fear change.  They have made money on businesses that will not be part of our future, such as coal.  They are pissed off that their jobs are being threatened by immigrants and technology.  They want to stop change.  They want their children’s lives to be just like theirs but we all know they will not be.  The winds of change have already pulled out of the gate.

When I think about the Web People, Elon Musk comes to mind.  I see him touting the Hyperloop with a huge smile on his face.  He is thinking about moving us into the future every single day.  Web People are thinking ahead.  They understand that technology is transforming transportation, the workplace, climate change, entrepreneurship and every day we are becoming a flatter world.

I am not so sure that this race is about the rival policies of Democrats and Republicans as much as it is about someone who can lead us where we are going, who embraces the webs of change, who sees where the future is going to be and can put structure into place that will help us move in that direction not set us back with fear of moving forward.

Charles Blow of the NY Times wrote this on Monday.  I couldn’t agree more.  Even though Trump is a blustering buffoon, he speaks to a fear in America, particularly white America, among those with low levels of education, who work with their hands and sweat through their shirts. It is a fear of a future in which threats are global; in which the culture and complexion of the country are changing; and in which power and privilege are shrinking. They want protection from it. They want to erect a wall between them and that future.