Technology is changing the back end of fashion

images-1Technology is hitting the gas on changes in the fashion world.  Materials are one of the biggest changes.  I invested in Evrnu that creates new materials out of old materials without using massive amounts of water and producing carcinogens into the environment.  That is a big win.  There are so many other new companies out there creating materials that are lighter, better for weather conditions, can easily connect to devices to monitor our bodies, are completely fire resistant, etc.  The change in textile manufacturing is happening rapidly.  I have seen a handful of these innovations come through my inbox.

From a manufacturing point there are tools to create products with less waste.  It can cost the same to make one unit vs 1200.  Garments are being made faster, easier and smarter.

I am convinced that we will not see multi-million dollars brands such as a Tory Burch or Lululemon in the next decade but we will see multi-million dollar companies that are the applied technologies behind a brand in materials and manufacturing.

The making of shoes is finally changing too.  Just like being able to make one garment, we can now make one pair of shoes that are made specifically for your foot.  That template can be used again and again, season after season for you.  There is no reason for you to try and be comfortable in a killer pump because the shoe is made for you foot only so it will always fit like a glove.  That is why I invested in True Gault.

Wearable technology is just the beginning.  Eventually we will be able to take that microchip that monitors our personal data and put it into anything wearable.  Perhaps that chip will be talking to the materials you are wearing and monitoring your stress.  I really believe we are just at the beginning of this.