imgresEducation can truly help kids think differently from what they are not being taught at home.  Our kids went to LREI, a downtown NYC private school that makes diversity one of their main priorities.  Diversity of race, class and socioeconomic backgrounds.  The importance of inclusion regardless of where you came from is number one.

Privilege is having an advantage.  Many people are just privileged because of where they come.  How does an educational institution create an environment where students understand their privilege and are able to leave it at the door so that there is an even playing field in the classroom.  Not easy.

When it comes to this particular issue many schools attempt to acknowledge this but LREI walks the walk and talks the talk.  You can listen to the conversation here on the Brian Lehrer Show.

There is one thing that the school does for the kids in the 4’s.  They break them into groups of six to go on a field trip to each of their homes.  The child gives their 5 other classmates a tour of their home.  Showing their friends how they each live is eye-opening.  Kids at 4 don’t judge but they do understand differences.  I think it is genius.

I heard about all of this over the weekend.  It did not surprise me to hear how LREI continues to be creative and a leader in issues around inclusion.  That was always one of my favorite things about the community and leadership in LREI.