Why now?

imgresI believe in data and statistics.

In Texas, one of the worst states when it comes to taking care of the underserved, now allows students to carry guns on campus.  Students have not been allowed to carry arms on college campuses for the past 200 years so why now?   Is there some research that I missed that shows how carrying a handgun will make the campus a safer place?  Don’t we have a police force in Texas?  Although not perfect we do have people who are there to protect citizens and abide by the law.

Allowing 18-22 year olds to openly carry a gun on campus just seems like a recipe for disaster.  What is shocking is that they can’t drink but they can carry a gun.  I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the majority of students are seeing someone walk around the quad with a gun shoved down the front of their pants or hanging out in their backpack.  People are getting killed who are carrying guns but aren’t they allowed to carry a gun?  Makes no sense to me.

Anger and stupidity can boil up into something that one can regret later particularly at a young age.  You can’t say you are sorry after you have killed someone in a fit of anger.

Our country has been taken over by the NRA.  The statistics directly point to the fact that we are safer now that we were 20 years ago.  Perhaps we have more access to media so we see more things than we saw before but we are safer.  Access to guns particularly on college campuses just makes zero sense.