Anything can change

imgres-2Farms are changing as better machines are built and they too get on the technology bandwagon.  Jobs that used to take 40 people all day long to do now only takes 10.  It is bad for those 30 people but it is good for farms.  The farms end up with better margins and are becoming more efficient.

I invested in a company called Full Harvest.  The concept is smart as they help farms save money by bringing their excess surplus of food to market.  That would be about 20 billion pounds of product that just goes to waste for multiple reasons.  What Full Harvest is doing is a win win for everyone.

These concepts that I am seeing in this industry isn’t so much about technology as the majority of the start-ups in this area aren’t building machinery but it is about bringing new minds to an old business.  A next generation is looking at the farming industry from down/up.  How can we change the waste in the farms to be not only socially responsible but financially solvent.

I have always been a fan of hiring people with skill sets that can be applied to any vertical.  It isn’t so much that they have spent years in a space but they understand what they don’t know which can change standard practices on its head.  That is how I view Full Harvest.

I hope to see more companies like this coming in my pipeline that are really helping old businesses become new again.