Podcast….Alien stories that make America great

imgresSomeone who reads this blog sent their podcast to me.

They recently launched a podcast, Not an Alien, to highlight people’s immigration experiences in the US.  It is the fabric of our country and it is their way of sharing people’s stories and in turn educating those who listen.
The have posted an interview a day for the last 20 days, and plan to continue to do so until the election, after that they will scale back to once a week.  It is a pure labor of love as the people behind this podcast have full time jobs.  This podcast is done by a married couple.  Neelu, the wife, came to the US as a college student, stayed on a work visa, and got her green card after they married in 2013 so this is certainly a passion project.
Here‘s the first interview, which Neelu and her husband, Tom, did together.  I really love the concept and passion behind these human “alien” stories.