imgres-2GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  When we discuss products that are GMO it is farm crops have had their DNA altered.  The reasoning behind altering the DNA of crops such as corn, soybeans and other crops was that it the farmers would be able to increase crop yields for more mouths to feed.

There has been a lot of conversation around the GMO market as well as reactions such as the burgeoning non-GMO market of crops including the organic market.  I am an investor in Mercaris, an online trading platform for these commodities and this market continues to grow.  Consumers are asking questions around GM products.  They want to be informed about what exactly they are eating. They are wondering why they are hearing more and more about people around them getting cancer, they are wondering if what they are eating is healthy, they are wondering if all the drugs put into these crops (and animals) are making us immune to antibiotics.

It seems that there is more information coming out these days around pharmaceutical companies such as Monsato and if they are really helping us or hurting us.  I could go off on the desire for these companies looking to suppress cannabis products to milk that hasn’t been pasteurized but that is for another time.

The NY Times just did an in-depth story on GM crops for the past 20 years in the states vs Europe.  France has stuck with the belief that do not mess with mother nature.  They question the use of GM as well as herbicides.  There is no doubt that the world population is growing and we must continue to be innovative to feed all those mouths and insure that farms are profitable businesses yet do we really know what the long tail of chemicals and GM is?

Here is what I do know.  We spend a lot of time in France.  They don’t have the obesity problems like we do in the US.  They don’t have the major gluten issues that we have here because their grains are processed differently.  The majority of France has a different relationship with food than we do here.  You know you are eating well no matter what you eat when you are in France and other parts of Europe.

I would like to see a lot more research into the realities of our crops when it comes to health.