I am still upset….so please explain to me

imgres-2Please explain to me how the President-elect can be talking to dignitaries from other countries with his family in tow so they can do more business there?

Please explain to me how the President-elect can use a social media platform to dismiss Hamilton when a cast is using the freedom that we are lucky to have. It’s called our constitutional right that would be the 1st ammendment.

Please explain to me how Trump really won when people were turned away in Michigan because they were told they didn’t have their ID? How many were turned away? Just seems like more people are upset than happy.

Please explain to me how Russia might have been involved with tampering our election and yet nobody is taking a deep dive on that?

Please explain to me how our President-elect can call out Hillary Clinton for emails when he is using an unsecured phone to talk to heads of states.

Please explain to me how the President-elect cared so much about putting his country first and running for the highest office in the land but refuses to put his company in a blind trust because he really continues to run it.

Please explain to me how a man who has an Orthodox Jew as a son-in-law could be fueling anti Semitism.  That really scares me.

Please explain to me how Trump was elected to be the President when he has no regard for his fellow person and seems dead set on being a dictator and taking us back to the 1940s.  He seems more interested in lining his pockets with more cash than the country although he ran on his deep interest for the people who are hurting.

Please explain to me how the anti-Semitic, bigot, right-wing, white supremacy cast of characters are going to make America great again?

Please tell me there is still a chance that this is just a nightmare that we will all wake up from. I fear for the future.  Based on the last week of insanity from tweets to racists as his supposed team to help run the country I don’t see how the majority of us can stomach the next four years.  I can’t.