Making your team feel good

imgres-1We were discussing how difficult it is to be a leader particularly when it comes to managing a team.  Each leader wants to get things accomplished yet everyone goes about how they manage differently.  For some, management is the most difficult thing that they do.  For others, management is innate.

I have always loved management.  Maybe it just comes naturally but I have never had any issues with telling the good with the bad and setting goals and expectations for everyone.  It has worked well for me over the years even when it comes to investing.

The other day we were sitting at MahZeDahr bakery where we saw a woman purchase a large amount of treats to bring back to her team for a milestone that they just met.  She wanted to acknowledge their work and it makes the team feel good.

Years ago when I was the Assistant Store manager in Macy’s New Rochelle I was well aware of how the people who worked in the store had seen managers like myself come and go for decades.  We come in, get to know everyone, try and make an impact on the business and then get promoted to our next gig.  It you were good you didn’t stay more than a year at best.  I believe I stayed around 10 months.

I was responsible for training the managers to understand their businesses as well as getting them promoted or in some cases telling them that there was no path for them in the company.  I also had to engage the staff so that they enjoyed coming to work on a daily basis.  I honestly loved the job…one of my favorites.  It was important to me to make everyone feel wanted.

On the day before the last one day sale during the holidays I decided to do something for everyone.  I did not have a lot of cash but I did know how to bake.  On my day off I stood in our miniature studio kitchen and baked 5 different varieties of cookies that totaled up to almost over a thousand cookies.  It took me hours.  They had to last all day from morning to late at night for each shift of employees.

I came in the morning of the sale and put a huge box of cookies in each departments (the ones that reported to me) back room so everyone could go back there during the day and have a homemade treat.  It made me feel as good to do that as it is did for everyone who worked for me.

When I returned as a buyer to check on my department in the store, I was not only remembered but embraced.  I did something that made all of those people feel good and sometimes that is all it takes.