So now what?

imagesWhat is going to unfold over the weeks to come?  More protests, more anger, more hate crimes?  It is all disturbing on multiple levels.  It is hard to be optimistic.  It is easy to be angry and scared.  Time heals all wounds but it is hard to heal a wound that is still wide open.

The next few weeks we will see exactly what a Trump presidency is going to look like.  It appears that the people he will surround himself with are people who want to pull us back to a past.  Just to name one he doesn’t believe that we have climate change issues.  The supposed leaders of his administration look to be the people/lobbyists he espoused his hatred towards.  The administration is looking like a bunch of old white men who are hoping to line their pockets as much as possible.  It as if this group has been given the keys to the bank.  It can’t end well.

People didn’t trust Hillary and I get that.  People should not have trusted Trump either.  The irony is that the people in the rural areas that voted him, voted for change, with the hope that they would be able to create new economies in their regions will be the most fucked.  The educated white people who voted on their tax dollars will be rewarded in the short term but in the long term we will all pay.

I agree completely that we need to see major change in the way the Government operates.  The money, the lobbyists, the power, the dissension, the lies, the sides.  It is far from a healthy place that cares for and represents the people.

Will the electoral college save the day?  Doubt it but based on this election anything could happen.  Will Trump, who is almost 70 years old, learn how to play in a sandbox after not having to play in one his entire life?  I highly doubt it.  Will he even make it four years after realizing it is a 24/7 job that he has to live in Washington?  What will happen the first time he doesn’t like the political situation he is in, will he just lash out and create havoc?  Will he decide he doesn’t really like this job and let Mike Pence run the show?  Pence a man who thinks he can turn gay people into straight people.  Never trust too pious a man.

I am at least moving out of a fog.  New York City is super pissed off.  The last week felt like post 9/11 all over again but obviously different and worse.  Dismay and distrust.  I realize we must all move on but the next few weeks is just going to be an extension of the shit storm that has been happening since we knew who the two candidates for the Presidents job were.   Let’s hope we see some good come out of this.  New people who will toss their hats in the ring to be leaders, run for offices, etc.

I have to stop reading all this shit that is being thrown at us daily.  Not sure that is the best way to deal but it might be the only one.