We must all be feminists

imagesWe can all say what we want but all signs points to the fact that we will have a misogynist in the White House.  It is important now more than ever for fathers to be feminists.  What does that mean exactly?

Young women should be given the support and change to be anything that they want to be.  When it comes to STEM let them build what they want with technology.  Give them the tools to think about social responsibility and community so that they can apply that to STEM.  Women entrepreneurs tend to build businesses that fill voids in their lives.  Young women use the technology tools they are learning to build things that mean something to them and we should applaud that.

Young women should know that they can do anything or be anything.  If they try multiply things in school and happen to fail at one, tell them to out there and try again.  Don’t tell them perhaps that isn’t your thing.  Applaud their efforts, acknowledge their mistakes and push them to get back in the game and try, try again.

All women are beautiful.  Everyone should feel good about their bodies.  Teach them to be strong and stand up to men who feel empowered to dismiss them, take advantage of them or don’t consider them to be equals.  Teach them to stand firm and believe in themselves.

Teach them to always be curious.  To never stop learning.  To feel that they can take on the world.  They can forge their own path.  That they are our future and should have high hopes for any road that they choose.

They should know if someone takes advantage of them or abuses them that it isn’t them, it is the other person.  They should feel empowered to stand up to men like that and call the out on their behavior immediately.  They have done nothing wrong.  Do not stand back in fear but to be brave and call out any wrongdoing.

Teach your sons to treat women with respect.  While you are at it based on the many women who have taken a deep breath to come out of the closet and tell their tales of abuse at the hands of Trump ( Cosby and others ) it might not be a bad idea to teach them a good right hook as well.

We must all be feminists.