A little Los Angeles before the year ends

We came out to LA to get out of the cold and get a new attitude before the year ends.  Josh wanted to come out here for a week with his friend and eat his way around the city.  We will return again in January to stay thru the end of March.  This will be out third year doing this.  It takes time to get into the cadence of another city after living so many years in NYC.  Many people who have moved out to LA from NYC say it took took a few years to adjust so I am feeling in line with the norm.

We hit up a few favorites starting with Rustic Canyon our first night out there.  The food is always good.  My favorite of the evening was Pozole Verde with mussels, hominy, poblanos and tortilla strips.  It was absolutely delicious.  The flavors were layered but it wasn’t in your face.

The other fave from the crowd was the pork terrine.  Super rich.

The following morning we got up and went to the Eames Foundation.  Right off the PCH into the Palisades.  Just walking on to the property and seeing the beach below is breathtaking.  This house was built in 1949.  Charles and Ray Eames were the king and queen of modernism from architecture to furniture to design.

There are so many recognizable pieces inside.  The house sits on top of the area they call the meadow.  It is so worth going to see.  Favorite quote from Ray Eames “Always be Gracious”.  Couldn’t agree more.

Headed over to Mendocino Farms for lunch.  Had the Save Drakes Farm salad.  Great sandwiches too.

After an afternoon of activities which included a few calls and yoga we headed out for dinner.  Went to Echigo, one of our favorite local spots, for sushi.  One of the classic Los Angeles sushi endings to the meal is the warm rice crab meat salad roll.  So damn good.

The Bigg Chill is our dessert spot, post-sushi.  Always crowded, always good.

Back home for another day of sunshine.