Being Prejuduced

Trump has opened a very ugly can of “deplorables” who feel that it is ok to wear their prejudism and hatred on their sleeve.  What is scary about it is the transparency of anger.  That somehow it is now ok to be uncivilized to our fellow man because of an indifference towards others who are different.

Anger, biogtry, prejudism and hatred is something I don’t understand.  I get it but I don’t get it.  What scares me is to see young children being raised as bigots.  Not surprising if that you are being raised by a bigot that you become a bigot.  Although it doesn’t have to be that way.  I know people who are liberal Democrats that grew up in a conservative left wing household.

Why do people grow up with different political values than their parents?  More than likely they grew up in a family that believed in education.  Those kids went to school every day and were allowed to form their own opinions.  They went through the world with their eyes wide open not closed.

Decades ago there was a revolution when schools became desegregated.  As neighborhoods become less mixed the schools end up being one dimensional.  You can go into Chinatown in NYC and the elementary school is mostly Asian even though NYC is an insanely multi-culture city.  The importance of growing up with people from all different walks of life is the key to acceptance of others.  How you can grow up in an all white alt-right family who never comes across anyone who looks different than them until they are in their late teens (if) then how can they grow up to be accepting and comfortable around people that don’t look like them.

A few years back we went to a wedding in Las Vegas.  The wedding took place at a huge hotel that none of us stayed at.  A group of us went over to the hotel for the ceremony and weren’t really sure which way to go.  The place is huge.  An overweight middle-aged man in shorts, a floral Bahama shirt, a fanny pack and birkenstocks came up to us as we were trying to figure it out.  He said “people who look like you went that way.”  We all got a good chuckle out of that but it speaks volumes.

Our country is becoming less white.  This election might represent the last grasp of white power.  Let’s hope so but more important we need to figure out a way to educate the youth to accept their fellow man/woman no matter what they look like, their sexual orientation or what their religious beliefs are.  Hatred is evil but somehow it is harder to accept others with grace and dignity.