moving into 2017

Last year I made a commitment to myself to make changes in my life.  I was running at a speed that worked when I was 30 but not at 55.  Age helps you recognize a lot.  It has taken work to get to a new place but at the end of the day it all comes down to a mental shift.

I have now been investing in companies for a decade.  It is incredible how many people I have met, how many investments I have made and how much I have learned.  Mistakes, failures and wins.  Reality is you learn the most from those experiences that don’t turn out as planned.  I don’t like to lose.  I am insanely competitive.  Somehow I believed that if anything went sideways that I could use my super powers to get in there and fix it.  Obviously unrealistic and certainly not practical but it is how I have operated my entire life.
Only once I realized it was okay to lose an investment, learn from the experience and not hit it out of the ballpark it was then I became a better investor. It allowed me to become less crazed and exhausted.  It has allowed me to focus differently.
Age is also a factor.  As much as I am concerned (to say the least) about the state of democracy in 2017, I am excited about a new attitude.  It will always be a work in motion but that is how life works.  This attitude allows me to shed things in my life not necessarily with ease but certainly with less angst.  It feels positive.
I am hoping that 2017 is a big turning year for not having to succeed at climbing every mountain that comes my way.  I am not putting away my climbing gear but I do plan on using it less often.