What is really going on in Government?

Since Donald Trump (who my Mom’s oldest friend calls the Orange Pumpkin) was given the nod from the American electoral process (although it won’t actually take place until next week and keep in mind he did not win the public majority) it has been insanity on a daily basis.  If the electoral college just follows suit vs finding their own voice based on the insane drama that has rolled out since Nov 8th then what is the point of the electoral college?

Each person Trump has put forth to be on his cabinet has deep pockets that hold on to the past starting with climate to fuel.  They are essentially Trump’s friends or at least he considers them loyal to him.  Everyone of them will hold us back as civilization attempts to move forward.  Certainly each of those people will keep their pockets firmly lined with cash but how about the citizens who voted Trump in with the hopes of returning to the days of yore.  They are seriously screwed.

25 years ago Russia collapsed.  Did the US miss an opportunity to embrace that and create a free-market democracy?  Considering that Russia now has Putin at the helm who has literally played America with off the shelf technology to wreak havoc on our system.  How our FBI dealt with it makes the US look like amateur hour.  We spend billions with large corporations such at Raytheon to build Government systems but somehow we are being out maneuvered.  The big question is will the FBI ( as a bi-partisan organization ) discover that Trump ( and his people ) knew that the Russians were fucking with us.  Then what?

I could go on and on because there is a small part of me that is still in denial that this narcissistic uncurious pompous man will not become President.  That something will happen between now and then.  What?  God knows.  But the reason we our forefathers created an electoral college is that so people like Trump (who has proven himself frightening as a leader of the USA since Nov 9) would not become President.

He is thumbing his nose at all of us because his promises will go unmet.  His interest in our country is zero unless it lines his pockets.  He might run a family business with his children at his side but having them at his side as the President of the United States is unacceptable.  Running our country is not a family business.  If Obama showed up at meetings with the head of states with his daughters at his side or Hillary showed up with Bill and Chelsea in tow, the GOP would go apeshit.

I understand why the tech leaders had to show up to talk with him as they represent the largest technology countries in the world with shareholders on both sides of the fence.  They could have come with an agenda instead of just sitting there with his family to massage Trump’s ego which is essentially what they did.

Where are the Democrats?  Where are our legal scholars?  Where are the voices against dictatorships?  Will everyone just roll over and allow him to destroy the foundation of our country? Put people in his cabinet that like him only care about lining their pockets?  That are out of touch with the majority of people and the future?

What is really going on in Government?  Looking at North Carolina it is purely all about power.  What ever happened to power to the people?  And why is the media writing about Kayne and Trump instead of the frightening posse Trump surrounds himself with and his children?

I mean….what the fuck??