An evening in NYC

Friday evening is free at the MOMA.  We are members but when we got there Friday evening it was packed. I think I heard more foreign languages than English.  We met our friends there to just walk around but have to admit I had no idea it would be that packed.  The MOMA continues to rotate the piece over the main desk.  Not sure who the artist is here but I just love this piece.

We walked up to the permanent collection.  This is one of my favorite architectural moments in the building.

It is always so amazing to see so many iconic pieces.  Klimt.

Matisse.  Each time I see this piece I remember that back in the 90’s there was a large Matisse installation that we went to.  Jessica couldn’t have been older than 3.  She saw this piece and essentially shouted out while pointing her finger and said “look there are naked people dancing”.

There is a small installation of Josef Albers.  I was expecting to see his work but it is all photographs that he took.  I really love this one of the bulls in San Sebastian.  Another one was one he took of his friend Paul Klee.

A wall of classic Mondrian’s


The wall of Monet’s water lilies.  These are so amazing.  The first time I was these were at the Orangerie in Paris.  The ones in Paris always bring tears to my eyes.

Meret Oppenheim.  The story behind this is that Picasso inspired Oppenheim to put fur on anything.  He created this for an object exhibit.


Basquiat.  This piece is incredible.  Could I bring it home?

Afterward we walked over to Aldo Sohm Bar.  A beautiful bar that feels like a living room.  We had wine and snacks.

Warm Camembert cheese with sliced apples and bread.

Duck rillet.

Mozzarella and Burrata with small pieces of toast.

Roasted carrots with a Moroccan flavorings.

It was really a perfect evening to end the week.