Diversity in companies

I have said time and time again when I see a company pitch me that already has 5 white men in it without any diversity I close the door.  The chances of that company going on to be a place where women want to work (or minorities) is slim to none.  The tenure and culture of that company has been already been set.

If your company is diverse it can be more diverse over time.  The companies that I see that start out with an equal balance of men, women and minorities tend to grow with a myriad of faces.  That diversity brings a group of minds together that have come from many different places and that is not only good for culture it is fantastic for the company.  Everyone comes together with different solutions, different insight and different experiences.

There needs to be more data around this.  We have seen data around women-led companies that do better than their male counterparts.  Companies are really working hard these days to think about diversity and gender balance but the reality is if you don’t think about that from the day you start the business you are behind the curve.  More and more people particularly Generation Z will not want to go work for companies that are only run by white men.  That will bleed into more outrage as events that only have white men on the stage will get less attendance and a lot of backlash in the social media sphere.  We are seeing it happen now but eventually there will be an onslaught.

Enough already with having to even have these conversations.  Think diverse, think gender balance, think smart.