Presidents come and go.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I have been a left-leaning liberal Democrat from the moment I came out of the womb.  As I have got older I am probably more fiscally moderate but I am extremely liberal when it comes to social issues and that goes under a very large umbrella.  I am certainly open to conversations from the other side as I am curious and continue to be amazed at how and why people are so conservative.  No surprises that my friends are mostly in my camp when it comes to politics.

I have been asking myself what is it about this Democratic Presidential loss that gets me so riled up and angry.  Certainly I can point to a variety of things as we all can.  My guess is a lot of information surrounding Russia and more will eventually come out as everything swept under the carpet always rears its ugly head.  History of everything has proven that.

What is the most disturbing thing of Trump is as he has risen to the power of the President is the lack of respect for the office is slowly eroding.  While Obama was in office we saw for the first time Senator and Congressmen on the other side actually call Obama names that was disrespectful of the office of the Presidency.  It was shocking.  In the military, there is a clear divide from officer to General.  There is a command of respect that changes as you move up the ladder.  It is certainly necessary on the battlefield as the commanding officer makes the decisions and everyone must follow the decisions made whether they believe it is the right thing to do or not.  The level of respect based on command has been the same in Government but that seems to be disappearing.

When we have a President who uses a social media tool, aka Twitter, to push out whatever comes off the top of his head it demeans the office of the Presidency.  That tool has allowed any citizen to tweet out their own personal response to Trump. Those tweets are no different than a group of teens dissing on each other.  We now can see anyone in the world using this medium to raise their voice to dismiss one of the top leaders/offices in the world.  You can be a Domino delivery driver in Iowa and tweet out that Trump is an idiot and it shows up on the moments on our Twitter roll next to Trump’s latest tweet.  There is something unsettling about that.

As world becomes flatter there is a culture of disrespect that is boiling up that I find uncivilized.  We are seeing the long tail of this behavior through violent outbreaks against people at rallies.  People feel entitled to dismiss anyone regardless of their stature in society.  I am not saying that we should be more respectful to someone who is more powerful such as President of a company but we should respect each other and most important we should respect the office of the Presidency.  If we have no respect for that then where does that leave us?