Sharing ones stories at The Mighty

I believe that The Mighty is the next generation of healthcare.  The site is a community of people who share their stories around health issues from disability, disease and mental health issues.  It is a place that helps people to not feel alone because they are connected to other people who are experiencing the same issues.

The Mighty is looking for others to share their stories.  To submit your story, all you have to do is click Submit a Story in the top left or go to the Settings tab of your dashboard to begin the submission process.  There are topics from parenting to autism to disability to chronic illness to rare disease to mental illness to read and write about.

In full transparency I was the first investor in the Mighty.  There is something so incredibly powerful about what the founder is building here.  It is a place to feel comfort and when I read the incredible stories I am grateful to be part of this companies growth.