the importance of supporting the art and other institutions

The first glance of Trump’s budget is pure destruction on the multitude of humane organizations we support as taxpayers.  The organizations from Planned Parenthood to Meals on Wheels to the National Endowment of the Arts and there are more.  Its is not only disturbing but telling of the man who we call our President. Keep in mind how much the cost to taxpayers for him to go back and forth to Florida every weekend and keep his wife in NYC which is more than some of the budgets of the organizations he wants to slash.  He and his cronies actually believe that this is the way to create a strong nation.  Every man/woman for themselves with zero support from the Government and the bonus is you get to pay less taxes!  I do not believe in this theology.

I believe in supporting any organization that is creating an opportunity for everyone.  Particularly, I  believe that a world without art and that includes literary to music is vacuous.  I also believe in supporting educational institutions where they embrace intellectual practices that do not necessarily bring in economic capital such as philosophy. Britain supports these organization and they do it the best.  I have always thought as our nation matures we will look like Britain one day so perhaps there is hope.

A nation that doesn’t support these institutions will lose out on what fuels our culture.  Perhaps art will still be made but it won’t be giving an opportunity to people who don’t have the financial support to pursue something that might be deep in their DNA.  Because a nation without art or a nation without literature or a nation without physical art from paintings to photography to sculpture to streaming video or a nation without helping our elderly eat or a nation without affordable or even free healthcare for all or a nation without housing for those in need or a nation without philosophers and intellects is not a nation I want to be living in.