Can the people save the day?

In 1970, New York City was having a fiscal crisis.  The city was a mess.  There were blackouts, unrest, strikes, graffiti-covered subways, neighborhoods were being left empty and crime was at an all-time high.  It wasn’t pretty.

A group of influential New Yorkers got together and created the Association for the Betterment of New York.  Lew Rudin led the charge and got 125 people behind him.  They hatched a plan to get the city back on its feet.  The real estate owners got their own janitorial staff to clean the streets and gutters in front of their buildings.  They created the ILOVENY campaign deeming NYC the “big apple”. The city needed help and the people who cared about it, and had the means and power to fix it, did.   Their efforts took the city on a new path.

I was talking with the demise of funding for organizations such as the NEA, Planned Parenthood, community development programs, National Wildlife and more.  There are roughly 62 agencies that are having their funding cut. The cost is probably in line with his weekend jaunts to Florida but that is for another post.

I hope, because I am an eternal optimist, that the people can once again save the day.