Come From Away

In general, I do not like theatrical musicals although I loved Hamilton.  I much prefer dramas when it comes to theater.  As for movies, do not like scary films, but again exceptions to the rule such as Get Out which I would actually classify as a completely different genre.

We went to see Come From Away this past week.  Not exactly sure why I bought the tickets but I did.  I got the feeling that this play has created quite an uproar among musical theater buffs because there was a huge standing room only audience in the back.  The crowd was humming and it seemed that many had been before.

The play is only 100 minutes long which I find perfect.  I don’t love the zero verbal only singing banter but what I liked about this play is the story.  It is a true story and I didn’t know about it until now.

In the very quick aftermath of 9/11, all US airways were closed.  Of course, they were but I never gave much thought to what happened to the planes that were in flight en route to the states.  I now know.  Those flights that had over 7000 passengers on them were forced to land in Newfoundland, a place which had a huge airport at one point because that is where planes used to refuel on the way to Europe.

This play is about what happened in Newfoundland when an area of fewer than 7000 people had to accommodate 7000 visitors with zero preparation.  It is an uplifting story about the human spirit.  I am quite sure that for the rest of my life, my eyes will swell up with tears around any conversation, recollection or anything around 9/11.

Didn’t love the musical aspect but the pace plays with the emotions that fly around this topic.  You got from smiling to crying to laughing.  It is a story that needed to be told and particularly today when tensions are high, it is comforting to know that at the end of the day, most people just try and do the right thing to help each other through.