It is mind boggling to me that today, in 2017, that men and women are not paid equally for the same job.  Although we have a sexist in the White House, it is important for all of us to make sure that everyone is paid equally.  There is no doubt that everyone comes to the table with a different set of experiences and expertise and one should be paid for that but it should be in line with your peers.

I have heard countless stories from women where they have found out that the man reporting to them is making more than them.  That a man who has less experience than a woman is at a higher salary and a higher level job.  That a woman feels that they have to sneak out the backdoor to see their kid play a soccer game but a man brags about going to their kids soccer game during the work week.  It is up to all of us to create a level playing field, period.

In my first job, I got an offer and a salary and just said thanks while doing the silent happy dance on the other end of the phone.  Fast forward, I found out that everyone in my training program was being paid a range of salaries and the reality was that I had more experience in that field than anyone in the room when I walked in the door.  I should have been making the top of the range and I wasn’t.

Fast forward several years, I took a job with a company and six months later I found out I was pregnant.  I had made a major impact there and said I would return under the conditions of renegotiating my entire salary.  I returned and was rewarded what I deserved.

I look at the female founders who are funded mostly at lower valuations, with less capital and give up more equity although the data still points to that the ROI on companies that have women at the helm is higher.  

People should be paid for what they are worth, their companies should be valued based on what they are worth and women should expect to be paid the same amount that their male counterparts are who have the same experiences.   Ask for what you deserve and if you don’t get it then you won’t be happy being there.  At this point of the game, it is utterly ridiculous that women are still fighting for equal pay.