Henry Rich knows how to create a local neighborhood restaurant with an urban Brooklyn vibe.  I love the way that Metta feels the second you walk up to the place.  The huge mullioned glass windows that sit on the corner sets the tone for the place.  A soaring ceiling in the front room cuts to a wood ceiling that takes the height down a notch where a bar hugs on the left side of that room and the open kitchen sits in the back with a wood fired oven.  It feels like a warm home.  Even the seating is tight which gets the community feel inside Metta.  When a restaurant serves a bone broth bourbon cocktail, you know when a place that speaks to the times.

We shared everything.  The bread here is really good.  Coal charcoaled flat bread with a tasty bean dip.

Seed crackers with cheese and honey.

Slow roasted lamb with chili, pickled veggies on a piece of lettuce.  A bit heavy handed on the salt here.

Veggies are the standout.  Roasted carrots with a green sauce and a farmers cheese.

Roasted beets still in their skin with creme fraiche and rye berries.

Roasted chicken white large white beans and greens tossed with a citrus vinegar.

If I lived in Fort Greene, I’d become a regular.  It is your neighborhood kitchen with friends to boot.