Jessica and I went away for a girls weekend to Miraval in Arizona.  She needed some rest and relaxation and I can always use some rest and relaxation myself.  What we liked about Miraval is it is all about the spa. No golf, no kids, but purely a place to try new things and that includes new ways to pamper yourself.

Located in the desert of Arizona outside of Tuscon and the setting is absolutely beautiful.  We took a two-hour hike the first morning we got there.  The scenery is breathtaking.

Loved the cactus

The views

And the workout.

We hit up the zipline afterward.  You climb up a 50 foot pole so for some that is a big thing.  It is definitely not an easy jaunt.  Then they strap you in and off you go.  It was really fantastic.

The food at the resort is better than I expected.  There is a juice bar opened all day but there is also alcohol for the evening activities which is a nice bonus.  You deserve a drink after a day of rest.

All and all, loved this place.  I’d definitely go back.  We got there on Friday night and left Monday morning.  Perfect amount of time.