The reality of building a business

New coming founders to the start-up world focus on the supposed successful businesses.  They focus on the others getting funded when they don’t even get their business model.  They read all the bravado through their Twitter feed.  They see millions of dollars going into businesses that might have terrible cultures and wonder why it is so hard for them.  They are fearful that they will let their investors and everyone around them down.  They are worried that they will run out of cash.  They are afraid to let the product out of the door because it isn’t perfect.  They worry about the wrong hire.  And of course, there is more.

On one hand we read about the “success” of companies such as Quirky, Zenefits and Uber where the bravado of the founder closes round after round at higher and higher valuations.  Then we watch them start to fail for a variety of reason including bad management and bad culture.  Those companies create this false sense of what success is supposed to look like for the founders in the weeds who are up all night.  There is also the last group of YCombinator companies that just graduated and are already valued at $12-15M.  Really?

There is a big disconnect between that is real and what isn’t.  Here is what is real.  Investors back people they believe in.  They except lots of shit to happen, that is the reality of building a business.  I want to hear more about the many companies that are being built that are managed well, have great gender balanced cultures, are profitable or on the edge of becoming profitable, that have incredible products and more.  Maybe there could be a twitter feed just for them?