What is terrorism?

What is terrorism?  I had this conversation with my sister over the weekend about terrorism.  Terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.  

Sadly, terrorism has become part of the daily fabrics of our lives.  Yet the media, and certainly the Trump administration, refer to terrorism only if the person involved came from another country to wreak havoc on the citizens of the country that they entered and generally that means those people who are noted as terrorists come from the Middle East.

Data has shown that the majority of attacks inside our own country have come from our own citizens, not from people illegally entering this country.  The person who just shot people at the hospital in the Bronz, the person who shot at the Senators playing baseball and the person who shot and killed 49 people in the Florida nightclub, Columbine, Virginia Tech and more.  I don’t need to go on but because at this point we are all numb to the access to guns that are used for violence.

The point is that terrorism is terrorism.  The narrative must change that only people of Middle Eastern descent are the only time that the media notes an act of terrorism.  The concept that we are looking into a shooting to see if it was an act of terrorism is absurd.  Any act of shooting someone with the intent to kill because of anger, political differences, insanity or whatever the reason, it an act of terrorism, period.