The Greenmarkets are so amazing in August.  As summer winds down, there has been some food highlights at the farms.  Watermelon and peaches have been incredible this year.   Tomatoes not as sweet.  Interesting how the weather over the course of the year makes a flavor difference.  My favorite vendor out here is Browder’s Birds who shows up weekly in East Hampton at Nick & Toni’s on Friday mornings at the Greenmarket.  The chickens are so incredible that I haul at least 10 frozen ones back to the city with me.

These pics are from the Montauk farmers market…definitely the biggest one of the week on Thursday mornings.  The flowers are amazing.


Every tomato you can imagine.


Even Carissa comes out!



Fish dips…really yummy for a good appetizer plate.

Crumb cakes

There is also the pickle man, the beautiful plums, the Italian loaves of bread and more.  It is just so good that I have a hard time not returning to the house with loads of goodies!