Siri and Alexa are spying on us

I have read about legal cases that wanted to use the information that either Siri or Alexa heard in a court of law.  What??

Here is what we discovered this past week.  Alexa is plugged in, willing and waiting for some direction but it became apparent that she was taking some direction for us too.

We all drank a round of Aperol spritzes one night.  The next day one of us, who have never had Aperol before, was getting pushed Aperol ads at them.  The same person who never even heard of Kiels but mentioned it a few times because it happens to be on of the soaps in the outdoor shower was getting Kiels ads pushed too.

Someone in the weekend crew is a big soccer fan so we had the soccer games on over the weekend.  One person, who has never watched soccer in their entire life, three hours after watching with the crew was pushed at with soccer info.

I don’t mind when I am looking at something on line and then a few hours later I see an ad being pushed at me for the exact same thing I was looking at.  I actually find it clever and fascinating at the same time.  Having Siri or Alexa overhearing everything in the privacy of my home and somehow knowing who else is around with their phones and then using that data to push information at me and them is something that I am absolutely not comfortable with.  Those big ears might make life easier and perhaps a bit entertaining but 24/7 input is not ok.

I am unplugging all of these devices immediately.