When to call it Quits?

Arnold Waldstein, a reader of this blog, wrote a post called When is it Time to Call is Quits?  Quitting can be defined as to leavevacateexit, depart from, withdraw from, abandon or desert.  You can quit almost anything.  You can quit eating sugar, quit the book you are reading or quit the project you are working on. Quitting should not be tied to failure but thought of as shifting paths.  

In the start-up world, there are more businesses that will fail than succeed.  Hard to believe it could be yours if you are deep in the daily weeds because of course all great founders believe that theirs is going to be a success.  Those are the type of founders that investors want to back.

I have seen businesses fail and it is painful for all parties involved but sometimes when you look at the landscape, it is time to quit.  The growth has stopped, the money isn’t there, the investors have lost faith, etc.  It is extremely painful.

I have quit many things over the years and there are times when I think I should quit half the things that I do but I never look at it as a failure but more of an evolution.  Decisions around quitting just push you down a new path.  That path might be brighter because of what you have learned from your past.  It might be the wrong path so you hang left and go down another.  I really do believe if you can get it in your head that quitting is just part of the road map of life, then it changes the conversation around exiting from something.

It is those small mental shifts around hard decisions that can make the light at end of the tunnel look much brighter as painful as making the decision to close shop.