Where is our leadership?

The disturbing events that played out in Charlottesville, VA is upsetting, mind-boggling, frightening and more.  Our country is deeply divided and obviously angry but there is no place for hatred.

The question I keep coming to again and again is how come not one of our Government leaders are speaking out about this except for the barrage of tweets.  Where is our leadership?  Have we all become so numb that this is just another day?  Why isn’t someone creating a movement where we embrace both sides of the fence who are aghast on what is happening to the moral fabric of this country? Are the people in power just working on getting their agenda through without thinking about the cause and effect around them?

As always, change comes from outside the box not inside.  I do hope in the days ahead we see a sound, articulate person start a movement with rallies, open conversations, reaching across the fence to reunite us as a nation because right now the divide is insanely scary….and the history of all out war does not need to repeat itself.