Who are you?

I am fascinated with DNA. I have always believed that each individual is completely different from the next to be it what your body craves, how your body processes food, what type of exercise is best for you, if you are allergic to something or not and most importantly, where you are from.

Years ago I met a woman who had been a vegetarian for most of her life.  One day she was walking by a burger joint and literally had to have one.  It was if her senses just went wild.  After that burger, she began to explore protein in a very different way eating anything from beef cheeks to chicken feet.  Within the first six months of making that change, she dropped 15 pounds, her energy completely changed and so did her skin.  Obviously eating meat was something her body needed.

I read another article recently about a woman who learned about her body chemistry when it came to working out and nutrition from DNAFit.   She used to work out every day and this test told her that her body should work out in a very different way if she wants to see her best results.  She went with it by slowing down the workout to only 3 times a week.  Lo and behold, she was in the best shape ever after those changes.  It was what her body needed.

In the NYTimes there was an article about two people who found their ancestry.  One found out that their mother, who never shared her family history, said her family died, wasn’t telling the truth.  Her son found out after she died that she had a brother and was of a mixed racial background that she must have wanted to remain part of her past.  Another person discovered that his Mom had an affair with his father’s best friend who he found out was his father.

I did 23 and me over a year ago.  There wasn’t really much that I learned but nonetheless found the data fascinating. Sharing the information with others will hopefully be good for medical research.  We are moving into a different world at a fast and furious pace.  I have always been a believer in transparency so knowing where you come from and understanding your genetics, is a step in the right direction.

Just think if everyone got tested, perhaps the people who hate others for no reason would find out that their gene pool includes the people that they hate.