Day 2 Staycation

I admit I was feeling a bit nomadic being in my own town and staying at a hotel.  It was also insanely hot in the city.  Sundays are a day to relax and regroup but it wasn’t working in my favor.  I camped out at my daughters places before hitting up the book fair at MOMA/PS1.  I had gone to the fair in LA and I found this one much better.

Needing an attitude adjustment, the first stop was to get a drink.  Lemonade with a shot of vodka was the call.  I needed an attitude adjustment.

There were booths throughout the building and outside too.  The heat inside was not exactly ideal but everyone just went with it.  Lots of posters.

And more posters


Posters from past events


Old books


Art rocks

More posters.  Lots of political statements

Love this photo.  Looking out of the window up on the 2nd floor and seeing the train move through the landscape.


More T-shirts

Loved this poster

This is good too.

Stop into the Ian Cheng exhibit again.  It is so good.

James Turrell room.   Always a bonus

Some of the crowd

More t-shirts…these are good!

Then we walked from Queens to Brooklyn over the bridge.  Loved seeing a group of kayaks make their way around the water as the set was setting.

We got to Brooklyn.

Went into Greenpoint where we had dinner at Achilles Heel.  They have this amazing chicken dinner going on Sunday nights.  Great bar, great music at this spot.

Delicious charred sweet potatoes with a spicy chili sauce

The chicken is unbelievable.

Rice with fat drippings.  Can’t go wrong.

We made our way back to NYC with the hope that our elevator was working again.