Revenge of the Females

It looks as if we finally hit a tipping point. I’m going to call this Revenge of the Females and there will be many parts and sequels in every industry.

Some wonder what took so long?  Why did some women turn a blind eye and leave or take a compensation package?  Does that make them complicit?  Was it pure fear?

The majority of women I know have an unfortunate story about the workplace.  Most of us have stories of just being whistled at on the street.  Know men I know have a story.  How come?

There are so many questions that start with why.  Are men that dumb to not understand that behavior in the workplace is different than behavior at a party with friends?  Have so many lines been blurred because of the sheer amount of hours we all work?  Are those boundaries not understood?  Boundaries should even be understood when a guy hoots at a woman on the street being followed with lusting eyes.

It is all about female empowerment and as more women become more powerful in the workplace and our wallets are the same size or even bigger than our male peers, we are saying enough is enough.  It is a rising chorus vs a single voice and perhaps that is what makes it easier.

I am sure over the weeks and months we will see more powerful titans fall.  It couldn’t happen to a better group of misbehaved idiots.