Small businesses are the backbone of this country

The NYTimes has a section called “Noteworthy Facts from Today’s Paper” at the top of A3 every morning.  What is worthy around these facts is that they are real data points.  Between the interest of this administration to roll back net neutrality including the tax agenda that they are attempting to push through, it is shocking to me how little regard is given to data around these intentions.

Here is the fact that caught my attention.  In the United States, 99.7 percent of all businesses have fewer than 500 employees, according to government statistics.  Of those, nearly 80 percent, or more than 23 million enterprises, are one-person operations.  Think about that.  Essentially small businesses are the backbone of this country yet somehow there is this desire to give huge companies tremendous tax breaks (with the thought that this will trickle down?) and with the belief that the CEO’s of those organizations will make the right decisions to help all of us.

Then of course besides the tax breaks, net neutrality sits right in the middle of this.  Both of these agendas make it more difficult for small businesses to compete in multiple ways.  When you read the data that clearly states that the majority of people in this country work for small businesses, then why would people support and elect Government officials who are trying to make it harder for them to survive.  This administration is about supporting big business and big money and yet most Americans are not part of either.