Women…it’s a movement

Talking to women under 30 about the women “movement” is eye-opening.  How these women want to show up, how they expect to be perceived, how they expect to hold their ground and come to the work party.  It makes me believe that of all the men who are finding themselves without employment due to their bad behavior is that they won’t be back anytime soon or at all because this generation will not put up with it.

No doubt there will be more stories in the months or perhaps weeks to come in other industries.  The stories are sometimes confusing because some are clearly about powerful perverted behavior while others are stupid drunken over-stepping the line behavior. My fear is that tossing everything one in the same basket minimizes horrific sexual harassment although bad behavior is bad behavior.  At the end of the day, there is no system for accountability which is why the floodgates are just opening up.

We taught our daughters to be tough, to expect to be treated with respect because they command it.  That they are equal to everyone regardless of age or gender.  That they should call out anyone for any type of bad behavior.  We taught our son the same thing. It is their generation that has started this movement and I so applaud that.

There is a major difference between flirting with someone at work and groping someone when you have power over their job.  It is murky although I do not want to ever discount any victim’s feelings.  The issue is where do we go from here, how do we ensure that this type of behavior ceases to exist.

We need to put more women in power and have more gender-balanced companies with men who have utter respect for the women they work with.  People need to be held accountable by their peers.  Men need to call out men just as much as women do.  There need to be penalties for bad behavior.  Women need to be able to feel confident and secure be it going to a police department or HR in a company when it comes to sexual abuse.  For some, parameters must be taught because obviously, some stupid shit is going on.

I am happy to finally see swift retribution vs a slap on the wrist.  As a young woman watching the Anita Hill hearings back in the day, I never understood how through all of that fire that Clarence Thomas still got the lifelong Supreme Court seat.  It debased every single woman in this country.

There is something to be said for that age-old saying, whatever goes around, comes around.  It is about time.