What does it take not to be tone deaf?

I am hanging out watching NCAA basketball and up comes an advertisement where Christiano Ronaldo is parading around in his tight black underwear at a hotel and by mistake locks himself out of his hotel room.  A beautiful cleaning woman comes out of nowhere to let him back in his room with a room passkey and of course, they make the cute eye contact.  She takes a photo of him that goes viral on the Internet.  Have we not been reading about cleaning people in high-end hotels being sexually harassed by men in hotels?  Does the advertiser not read the news?

Then I see the Los Angeles Times does a magazine cover on the top actresses in Hollywood looking to shift the conversation and they are all white.  Really?  Did the actresses give any thought to being profiled with only white women?  I know enough to ask about who is on a panel when asked to do one.

We all know that there are more than a handful of people out there waiting for them to be called out on the tarp.  Just one person needs to come out against someone and when there is smoke there is generally fire and more voices.  What industries and people in 2018?  It is one thing for people in white collar jobs to open up about insensitive behavior and it is another for blue-collar workers such as the women at Ford motors.  It is hard for both but more than likely more difficult for the latter.

A reporter asked me to comment on a retrospective of people who have been called out in the tech community this year who have immediately tried to relaunch their careers in a different direction.  I responded saying  I am not surprised to see people attempting to make immediate amends to their reputations although their integrity is extremely questionable.  Why do they get to just put on a new outfit and expect everyone to applaud them?  Let’s talk about what they have left in the dust and let them see what it feels like to be stymied in their career and be uncomfortable.  I’d suggest they all take off some serious time and remove themselves from the industry perhaps never to return but they should have thought about that long before they used their power inappropriately.  Makes you wonder what type of values were instilled in them during their youth, aka who raised these people?  I read that Justin Caldbeck spoke at Duke to educate young men against the dangers of “bro culture”.  Really??  Spare me.

Then I see these ads, the front page of a magazine from one of the LA Times and I have to wonder…what does it take for this country to not be tone deaf?  Maybe we will just have to wait for a new leader/President, who tells the truth and has the highest principles in the land as we obviously don’t have that right now.  He tells his country club members that he just made them richer with his tax bill and they can thank him now.  Honestly, you can’t make this up.  I can only shake my head and wonder what are we teaching our children and this next generation.  At least I have Twitter to know that I am not the only person pissed off.