Porter Road Butchers

Food has always been a top priority in our household and that means sourcing healthy products.   I have probably tried every new ice cream that has come on the market and if a new product comes across my desk, I order it and try that too.  One of the most important products I have sourced over the years is meat (and chicken).  I want to know where these products are coming from, that they are delicious and full of flavor, and that they do not come from mass production facilities.  I buy directly from butchers and have probably ordered from more than a dozen places around the country.  I have done my own research in this area.

When an investor who I am a fan of and who I have done deals with before, started to talk to me about Porter Road Butchers, and their business, I got really excited.  The butchers/founders, who are out of Nashville, have been providing no antibiotic, hormone-free and pasture-raised products to consumers and businesses for years.  They were looking to build their business so that anyone could buy them and have them delivered to their door.  Packaging was incredibly important as most of the meat shippers do not use environmentally friendly packaging.  They wanted the next step in their growth to reflect what they have built locally.

First of all, I had to try their products to confirm that they were delicious….and they are.  I am now an investor in Porter Road Butchers and am excited to be part of their journey.  The products come vacuum-sealed so you can either keep them in the fridge depending on the product (meats can stay for up to 10 days) or freeze them until you are ready to use them.  I love putting meats in the freezer knowing that I can just pull it out of the freezer in the morning, sit the product in a bowl of cold water to defrost and have a product I believe in ready for dinner that night.

Order something, I promise you will enjoy the experience especially the taste.