Women in Office Will Change Everything

I have looked high and low for the actual numbers of women that marched across the country (and the globe) this past weekend.  The numbers are all over the place and the media coverage is far from strong.  Why?  The reason seems pretty clear which is that as much as women empowerment is becoming stronger on a daily basis, we are still not being given the voices we deserve.  I am quite sure that if millions of men marched in 2017 and then returned to do it again in 2018 that the media would be all over it and the numbers would be concise.

Even the USA Gymnastics trial which is one of the worst cases of sexual abuse that is playing out in the court right now is underplayed in the press.  140 women were sexually abused by the team doctor for years.  Many were paid off, asked to sign NDA’s and the organization let this continue to fester.  What if 140 men were abused?  Jerry Sandusky, the coach of Penn State, who engaged in sexually abusing 8 children for over 15 years, was front and center of the media from start to finish.

How do we truly change this?  More women in Government, more women CEO’s, essentially more women at the top.  It is time for women to take the reins at the top.  When women sit on opposite sides of the table, they usually come together to move forward with solutions which is what we need.  Social media has just amplified what we each want to hear and that is one of the many reasons for the intense line drawn in the sand in Government right now.  The time is ripe for change and the record amount of female candidates paired with many retiring from Government roles could equal a huge shift at the top.  The top sets the agenda and that bleeds down into everything including the media.

Based on the past week of the Government shutdown when the Republicans rule the House, the Senate and the WH yet want to blame the other side for this and it is mostly white men speaks volumes to me and obviously many women who are tossing their hat in the ring to make a difference and create change.  It is time.