the nuances of Marketing

This past week I had a conversation with someone who I would classify as old-school marketing.  When marketing was purely about creating and communicating the message.  It is not so clear-cut anymore and there is definitely nuances to marketing this generation of new businesses.

Marketing is an important part of any business even if you are a pure business to business platform in the transportation sector or the medical space.  The importance of honing the message of the brand is just as essential for b to b as it is a pure consumer product.

What else goes into marketing these days?  Why do I hear more founders who want to hold their marketing team accountable for revenue?  Isn’t revenue tied to sales and how is that tied to marketing?  Marketing goals can be tied to building an audience and the right audience as much as giving the brand a face-lift.

The biggest question is what do you want to accomplish with your marketing team.  I have talked to companies who have the brand down but have yet to figure out how to build the audience.  Although both marketing skills but extremely different skill sets.  Each time there is a new round of capital or a point where the company needs a little tune-up,  sit down with the C-team and really think about how marketing, sales, and PR all ties into one fully executed thoughtful plan.  Some of the things you want to accomplish might be a two-person job, not a one person job so what are the priorities and the skillsets of the people you hire.

Marketing these days is very nuanced.